How to connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

How to connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Alexa is the new sensational device by Amazon that does wonderful things with voice navigation. It has amazing voice recognition and control. Now pairing your devices with Alexa is a swift experience. It is always good to connect Alexa to Bluetooth device, in order to get a better experience out of your device. Though pairing of the device starts just at a voice command, you would require a bit of setup if doing it for the first time.

You can easily pair Alexa to a Bluetooth device, speaker or phones to have better music experience. It would let you enjoy various music services like Apple music, enhanced audio prowess and better voice-controlled navigation.

Connect Alexa to Bluetooth

How to connect Alexa to bluetooth

Guide to connect your phone to Alexa to be able to use as a Bluetooth speaker-

1) Switch on the Bluetooth pairing mode and be in the searchable range.

2) Now Say “Alexa Pair”, for the first time users, your devices would flash as Echo in the new devices list.

3) And simply say “Alexa disconnect to switch off the pairing.

4) For future use just say Alexa Pair (device’s name) to reestablish the connection.

How to Pair Alexa with a Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing Alexa to external Bluetooth speakers gives you the desired quality for beefy sound. Hence pairing the two would double up the fun with voice-controlled navigation.

It also gives you hassle-free and cordless neater setup. For an analog system, you may use a Bluetooth adapter to pair your speakers with Alexa. So, let’s know how to get a better podcasting experience with your existing devices.

1) Switch on the power of your external Bluetooth speaker to start pairing.

2) Now open the Alexa app.

3) Now move to the Settings in the left menu.

4) Choose Devices, and select the Alexa device you want to pair

5) Now click on Bluetooth and choose a pair a new device.

6) Check the list of external devices

7) Echo would be paired here too as you tap.

Pair your iPhones Bluetooth with Alexa

You can also pair your iOS devices Bluetooth easily with Alexa, you can follow-

1) In iOS go to the settings and tap on Bluetooth

2) Tap the Bluetooth switch to the ON position

3) Ensure your device is searchable sometimes it’s pairing mode. Most of the devices are automatically searchable after enabling Bluetooth in the settings.

If your Bluetooth speakers are without a screen you can consult the user’s manual to start pairing.

If you come across any trouble regarding pairing your device, you can talk to the Amazon Echo Support center, or take the assistance of the support center of your pairing device.

Just make sure if you are trying to pair Alexa with any of the Bluetooth devices, it must be in searchable range and should flash in the devices list.

Doing so would give you a peppy loud beat through favorite speakers that is fun and easier to navigate with Alexa voice technology. Enjoy the music loud with Alexa.

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