4 steps to control volume in Amazon Echo Dot Device

4 steps to control volume in Amazon Echo Dot Device

Let’s start, to control volume in Amazon Echo Dot Device

Amazon always comes up with the amazing range of device every time with its launch. Such one sensation from Amazon’s kitty is Alexa-controlled Echo speaker. This device is now available in several derivatives. The specifications of the Amazon Alexa Echo are much more than a wireless speaker and are always drool-worthy like digital assistance, voice control for smart devices and unlimited music and much more. So the “How to control volume in Amazon Echo Dot Device” guide is not a rocket science, you can also use Amazon Alexa Echo Dot customer care service to do so.

You can do all by giving voice commands without the need for any wires. Amazon Echo makes you find shopping lists, do online surfing, and getting cricket scores to weather reports instantly.

But all technical devices have their downsides too. Here in Alexa Echo, consumers have reported on many forums about volume controlling issues of Alexa Echo. Though, this is not a technical fault, some minor disturbance as small as the frequency of other wireless devices may intervene with the Alexa sensors and causes problems.

Control volume in Amazon Echo Dot Device

You can follow the steps here to troubleshoot this issue with your Alexa Echo.

Control volume in amazon echo dot device

Potential Solutions-

1) Restart both of Alexa’s speakers

This is an easy and quick step to fix the Alexa volume levels control issues in Alexa. After switching your Alexa Echo speakers again, try the volume controls.

2) Keep a Distance in Echo device and Bluetooth Speaker

It is recommended that there should be a gap of minimum three feet between both the devices. You should also use a compatible Bluetooth device that has the ease to connect with Alexa Echo.

You can switch on the Bluetooth speaker and use the same to turn up the volume of Alexa Echo.

3) Disconnect all other Bluetooth devices from Alexa Echo device

If you are facing volume control issue then make sure you pair your Alexa Echo with a single Bluetooth device only. If there are more in any case, you should disconnect all other Bluetooth devices and restart with a single paired device.

You can follow the steps here-

  • Go to the Alexa APP
  • In the Menu, Tap on “Alexa Devices”
  • Here choose your Echo Device, and then “Bluetooth Devices.
  • See here which device comes in paired speakers; select Forget Device to disconnect the same from Echo.
  • Now go to the Pairing mode in Bluetooth Speaker that you want to connect
  • Choose “Pair a New Device”, the search for the Bluetooth speaker starts, and it shows in the available devices options.
  • Now you select Bluetooth speaker, after pairing Alexa would confirm about it.
  • In the Alexa app, Press Continue.

4) Use Alexa volume commands to ask to Echo Dot volume control

If you want, you can ask Alexa in your words to increase or decrease the volume, this feature works smoothly to control the volume in Alexa Echo. You need to just say “Alexa, increase the volume” or Alexa, decrease the volume”.

You may face problems when you are commanding from a point that is out of the range of Alexa. Also, you should keep all other wireless devices away from the Alexa Echo, in order to get quick voice navigation.

Amazon Echo Dot Customer Care

Alexa Echo has the powerful voice recognition system that hardly fails to understand you. You just need to be careful about the device location and no disturbance in vicinity like other wireless devices or noise. For any other issue you can contact Amazon Echo Dot customer care numbers to seek technical help.

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