Review: Amazon Echo Look Review and why it’s so popular

Review: Amazon Echo Look Review and why it’s so popular

To all sassy Selfie lovers and fashionistas; Amazon has come up with an amazing device Amazon Echo Look Review in 2018 and Amazon Echo Look release date was middle of the year. This device completely changes the way we dress up and acts as the virtual fashion adviser whenever required, you can also know about the other stuff like Amazon Echo show.

Amazon Echo Look Review

Amazon Echo Look Review

As the shutterbugs have caught the current generation; everyone tries to look stylish with a great sense of fashion. The Selfie-taking is a necessity now and the people rather dress up nicely to take a good one. In this scenario, Amazon look device is an ultimate device because alexa look takes full body selfies and advises you about the selection of clothing to make you look super stylish.

This is going to be your best smart companion if you belong to the same genre as the fashion-conscious brigade. You don’t need to use your hands hence can pose smartly; also it has a great picture sense to make you look more stylish.

You can just pair it up with Alexa and enjoy the number of selfies taken by voice-enabled technology. That is really interesting and fun.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons of new Amazon Echo Look Review-


  • Full Body Selfies

  • Voice Controlled navigation

  • Easy and intuitive setup

  • Compact in design

  • Great Picture Quality


  • Privacy shutters are missing

  • The quality of the Audio is not so good.

  • The suggested style does not give picture selection

  • No night vision

Features of Amazon Echo Look

The USP of the Amazon Echo look is the voice-controlled camera. It gets connected to the smart speaker through the internet and gets ready to take your commands. The Echo Look device helps you pair up your clothes with impeccable styles. It has a great amazon style check feature and it also has echo look video feature.

Hardware Specifications

The design of the device is compact and gives you an ease to wall mount it anywhere. The device has an inbuilt mic to take the commands and great LED lights to give flash. The speakers are of great sound quality.

Picture Quality

The best part of the device is the edgy and much-needed picture quality. That makes it the most utilitarian Selfie taker.  The 5-megapixel sensor takes the best pictures from any angle. But introducing night vision feature is required to be added to make this device more useful.


It never ceases to outperform when it comes to taking selfies. The internet quality is supreme and the camera makes the good quality videos as well. The voice assistance is the best part of the Amazon Echo Look that helps you to make stances to look more stylish.

The drawback of the device is the rear seated speaker that does not sound interesting at times. And also it lacks sending messages like other devices of the same genre.

Setting Up of Amazon Echo Look

You fix it on a raised platform for good angle selfies and get it paired with the phone through the Echo look app. The video feeds help you to adjust the focus of the camera to get started.  Now you can control everything with voice commands to take your Selfie within seconds and share them anywhere through the phone. The best nine shots are suggested to you but you can take as many as you want. For any kind of assistance, ping here Amazon Alexa Echo Look customer support phone number.


The stunning and stylish Selfie taker from Amazon is full ten on ten devices though some specifications could be added. The device has a complete backup support back up for consumer beneficiary. You would definitely love this device if you have a love for style and fashion.

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