Amazon Alexa Customer Service Phone Number 1-(800) 648-2052

Amazon Alexa is the intelligent virtual assistant currently powering all of Amazon’s personal assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Spot and Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick remotes.


What is Amazon Alexa? How does it work and what can it do?

The virtual assistant has revolutionized the way we interact with our digital and other electronic devices. You can walk into a dark room, ask Alexa to turn on the lights and the lights will turn on immediately. Although, you first need install compatible smart home hub in your house. You can get support for this from Amazon Alexa Support team.


What else can Alexa do?

If touchscreen and wireless technology were blowing your mind, wait till you see the virtual assistant control your house appliances. You can use Alexa’s amazing and useful features without even touching or interacting with anything at all.

Now walk worry-free where your phone is. Yes, you can also control your phone with the Amazon Alexa application. You don’t have to flip through your phone every time you need to read a message to add something to your to do list. You can simply ask your virtual assistant Alexa to read your messages or add something to your to do list.

When you get bored with playing music and turning your lights on and off, you will be happy to find out that you can also surf the internet with Alexa. Book an appointment, find cooking recipes and search Wikipedia, all on a voice command.

Not to mention, Alexa device is the perfect addition to your smart-home hub. The Alexa virtual assistant will make your interaction with the smart-home hub a lot more convenient. Although, you shouldn’t get it confused with smart-home hub itself. Alexa is not a smart-home hub. Clear your confusion by call Alexa.


How does it work?

Alexa is an artificial intelligence (AI) based technology developed my electronic commerce (e-com) giant The virtual assistant responds to voice command and can proactively executes certain tasks.

In addition to being compatible with Amazon devices across the board, Alexa can also run on Android, iOS and Fire OS. Although, users have to install specific Alexa skills on their devices to interact with smart appliances and access certain services.

All this advanced technology may get you wondering how it works. Well, Amazon virtual assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Fire TV/Fire TV Stick remote have microphones in front of their speakers listening to you.

You need to connect your device via a 3.5 mm cable to the AV receiver in order to use it. When you say Alexa or any other trigger word like computer, Amazon or Echo, the device activates. When you ask it to do something, the device streams your voice to the cloud.

Your voice command is then transmitted for a quick analysis by Amazon AI to identify the action required. If it is a question, Alexa searches for an answer and reads it to you. If it is an action, Alexa executes it and confirm the action.

However, if the Amazon AI doesn’t understand what you said, Alexa will ask your to clearly repeat yourself by saying something like, “Sorry, I didn’t get that”. For instant technical assistance or solutions, you can dial Amazon Alexa Customer Support Phone Number 1-(800) 648-2052.